Haku Sho No Kun

1. Masubi Dachi Rei (???????????)

2. Step with left to Hachiji Dachi. Bo rotates overhead (as in the middle three strikes of 2 preceding forms)

3. Crescent step forward with right to Sochin Dachi. Bo remains vertical parrying across the Body, right to left and left to right

4. No stance change Bo is circled clockwise to a Jodan Otoshi strike

5. Advance the left foot to yoko Kiba Dachi, Gedan parry

6. Slide - poke

7. Advance right circle and strike as in 4.

8. Half turn with left to Neko vertical parry (right over left)

9. Advance right as in 4 and 7.

10. (you have duplicated 8 and 9 here) Step through with left, hands glide along Bo and reverse position for a left leading strike.

11. Reverse hands while stepping right and repeat 4, and 9.

12. Quarter turn left bring left to right masubi Dachi scooping parry with Bo and then turning over to overhead as in 2 without stance change.

13. Advance right to Sochin vertical parry right to left, left to right.

14. No stance change circle and strike as aBove 4, 7 and 9.

15. Age strike with butt end to Gyaku Otoshi (fuzzy pieces here)

16. Step left to yoko Kiba Dachi (same direction), draw and thrust Chudan - KIA

17. (you have two sixteens) Draw, rotate Bo clockwise (butt first) to vertical (switching grip to right on top)

18. Retract left and parry vertically, left to right and right to left, as left steps to Sochin Dachi, half turn.

19. No stance change, circle and strike Gyaku with left hand leading but Bo striking down on right.

20. Age and Otoshi strikes with Bo on right "Kayak" move to a repeat of diagonal Gyaku strike in 16.

21. Readjust right foot to yoko Kiba Dachin (facing same direction) drawn and thrust Chudan KIA

22. Quarter turn right to (original direction) rotate Bo 360 degrees counterclockwise.

23. Step forward with right to Sochin Dachi vertical parry, left over right from left to right.

24. Step forward with right to Sochin Dachi, Otoshi strike with Gyaku grip (stick on left with right lead hand)\

25. Age Otoshi and kayak to 21 strike no stance change

26. Shift back (facing same) to Neko Ashi Dachi vertical guard left over right.

27. Step with left to Kiba Dachi (same direction), big sweeping gesture with right taking the Bo in a 360 degree to circuit clockwise (to behind left hip)

28. Circle Bo back counterclockwise until it is horizontal on right shoulder (left arm leading) right leg in Sage Ashi Dachi

29. Advance right striking with right lead Bo butt end on left hip

30. Hook and clear right

31. Step up with left to Hachiji Dachi Bo at right side as in our three center step in earlier form.

32. 32. Circle clock wise under right arm Rei

3 KIAs 14, 18 and 26 19 to 26 all face the same way

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