KD. Preparation, L high, R low, palms flat and facing each other. Step L in and around to W sochin, double-shuto-blocks, L high, R low and not past leg. L otoshi, R nukite to throat, upward. L age-shuto-uke, R cover. R tate-zuki, L at elbow. FAST!

R to L ear as step R in and back, pivot to NAD facing E, morote-jodan-uke (L still at elbow). L kage-nuke TAIMT as lifting leg for R mae-geri. Kick, come down ZKD and tate, L hand to elbow.

Snap head to left, shift L up high, arm straight, then circle slow/tension back to R armpit (trapping his hand). Leaning to R, R tettussi-uchi to side of head. L in and forward to ZKD, L age-shuto-uke. Step R, grab with L, pull to above your shoulder R JSZ. Pivot R, L gedan-haishu-uke, step into YKD, L otoshi. Pivot R, L gedan-haishu-uke, step into YKD, L otoshi. Pivot, R teisho-zuki, pivot back, L chudan-shuto-uchi, fingers pointing straight out.

Step in and around sochin, L gedan-shuto-uke. As step R ZKD, L mawashi-uke, R tettussi-uchi to palm (RZ-MUTU). Lift R to SAD, morote-gedan-shuto-uke (MGSU). Step YKD, hasami-uchi to waist.

Step in and around wide ZKD, L gedan-shuto-uke (LGSU). Pivot L and step long ZKD, L otoshi, R nukite, palm up. Still leaning, L age-shuto-uke. Pivot to YKD, L still up, RCSZ.

Gedan-haishu-uke to S. Pivot to long ZKD, L teisho-uke past face, R teisho-zuki to groin, grab. Shift back NAD< LGSU. SAD, L otoshi to knee (blocking high kick), step L/R while MUTU. Lift R to SAD as L kage-nuki. Lunge forward to ZKD, L otoshi, R teisho-zuki to ear.

Block and grab with L hand, shift back to gyaku-ZKD, ude-osae-gote. Repeat other side. RZ-MUTU. Empi-zuki L then R, moving both feet and pivoting to long ZKDs and holding wrist. SAD, MGSU, YKD, hasami-uchi.

Grab waist with both hands and hitsui-geri to tailbone. Spin to S, R calf parallel to ground, blocking a kick from behind, then coming into heisoku-dachi. Immediately step back L to ZKD, morote-teisho-zuki.

Light step with L in and back to YKD, gedan-haishu-uke. Pivot to long ZKD, L teisho-uke, R teisho-zuki. Shift to NAD as LGSU, SAD, L otoshi to knee, L/R ZKD, MUTU.

Pivot R as wrap washide over L wrist. Step to seven star (kakato-dachi) and fling arms straight out, R still washide, pL palms facing W, bent at wrist. Pivot on L as R tate-haishu-uke. Step up to seven star as L washide outside R wrist and fling arms straight out, L washide, R palm out, bent at wrists.

Step back R to ZKD as nidan-mawashi-uke and, continuing circle with R, tettussi-uchi to L palm. Immediately bring L to cover as R shoots out in jodan-nukite-zuki, shuto down. Step back L to ZKD as nidan-mawashi-uke and, continuing circle with L, tettussi-uchi to R palm.

Grab waist and R hitsui-geri. Spin heisoku-dachi facing S. Step back with L to ZKD, morote-teisho-zuki. L hitsui-geri, spin, heisoku-dachi facing N. Step back with R to AKD, morote-teisho-zuki. Arms straight out as step with R to KD, preparation, MGB, out.

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