Kiba-dachi. Morote-gedan-barai. Raise both hands quickly (not touching) overhead, palms down. Whip them down to shoulder level, then slow with tension circle them to the side and back together, index fingers and thumbs touching. Bend back at wrist, then bring together to left shoulder and flick them out, palms up. Bring back to waist, still open, morote-teisho-zuki. Grab and bring back to cover with fists. Morote-nukite-zuki, palms down. Bring together at chest, then straight out to sides.

Shift right to zenkutsu-dachi facing northeast, left otoshi-0uke, right back to cover. Shift left to zenkutsu-dachi, left mawashi-uke, right gyaku-tate-zuki. Shift right to zenkutsu-dachi, right chudan-uke, then left gyaku-tate- zuki.

Pivot on ball of right foot to neko-ashi-dachi, block low with left gedan-barai. Lift left hand, open it and stab down gedan-shuto-uchi as stomp with left heel. Slide-step left/right as left mawashi-uke, right jodan- seiken-zuki with left hand at elbow. Open hands and grab, throw down to your left.

Leap onto left in sagi-ashi-dachi while left kage-nuki, right to cover; then step down yoko-kiba-dachi, right chudan-empi-uchi. Morote-gedan-shuto-uke, then step down to zenkutsu-dachi, left otoshi-uke, right yoko-men-tettussi-uchi.

Pivot to neko-ashi-dachi facing east, leaving right high behind you. Left gedan-shuto-uke, haishu-uke, tate-nukite-zuki. Left mae-geri, leap onto left in sagi-ashi-dachi as left mawashi-uke, then come down into kakato-dachi as right behind, right to front kentsui-uchi. Shift forward, grab with right as left comes to cover. Left hitsui-geri and left teisho-zuki in sagi-ashi-dachi.

Step left as left age-teisho-uke, then step right into yoko-kiba-dachi, chudan-seiken-zuki with left open overhead. Shift to sochin-dachi facing east, right kage-shuto-uke. Immediately step heisoku-dachi, left heel raised, knees bent, and left teisho-zuki, right to cover. Step again right to sochin-dachi. Left otoshi-uke, right ura-zuki. Shift back neko-ashi-dachi, left jodan-shuto-uchi to nose.

Step off southeast with right as left mawashi-uke. Step off with left to southwest as right mawashi-zuki. Step up left to yoko-kiba-dachi, leaning to left, as left age-shuto-uke, right gedan-shuto-uke. Lift left leg in sagi-ashi-dachi facing east, both hands cover. Morote-seiken-zuki at the same time as left ushiro-geri. Step northwest, right knee down low and close to left heel, right ura-zuki, left jodan-uke. Step northeast, reverse. Quickly step north with left to sochin-dachi, left gedan-barai, then right sochin-dachi, right jodan seiken-zuki.

Pivot to sage-ashi-dachi facing south, play guitar. Flow: Left mae-geri, step down left to sochin-dachi, left gedan-barai' then step right to sochin-dachi, right jodan-seiken-zuki. Step left to sochin-dachi, right otoshi-uke while stepping, left ura-zuki as land. Sift to zenkutsu-dachi and right soto-uke. Dai-ashi-barai, hasami-dachi, sanren gedan-barai, left to cover. Then grab with left and right uraken-uchi.

Turn to face north' step left to sochin-dachi, right jodan-seiken-zuki. Step left to sochin-dachi with right otoshi-uke and left ura-zuki. Repeat soto-uke, et cetera, through uraken-uchi.

Step left to in-line zenkutsu-dachi facing south, left jodan-uke, right jodan-tate-zuki. Pivot and reverse facing north, then pivot and reverse again facing south. Circle both arms (right jodan-uke as pivot, left gedan-barai then jodan-uke as step, right ura-zuki) as pivot back north and step left to zenkutsu-dachi. Shift back to neko-ashi-dachi as right kage-shuto-nuki. Left hitsui-geri and teisho-zuki as sagi-ashi-dachi. Step back left to zenkutsu-dachi, left arm bent over shoulder' right gedan-sot-shuto-uke, right chudan-haito-uchi, left jodan-nukite-zuki, palm up. Step left to kiba-dachi, morote-gedan-barai.

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