Moi-Fa (Northern Plum Flower)

Kiba-dachi, morote-gedan-barai. Stomp-step right/left to neko-ashi-dachi, morote-gedan-teisho-uke. Slow with tension, lift both hands, palm down, then age-kakuto-uke as raise left leg to sagi-ashi-dachi. Stomp-step left/right to neko-ashi-dachi, morote-teisho-zuki.

Step right hasami-dachi to west as circle both hands clockwise to te-katana, then step left to zenkutsu-dachi facing west, morote-teisho-zuki to chest. Cross hands, then washide flinging to sides as mae-geri to chin. Circle left up and block, then step down to kiba-dachi facing south and tettussi-uchi, right coming down onto left to break rm.

Step around to face west age-juji-uke, then left mae-geri, leaving right above head, left to cover. Step down to zenkutsu-dachi and left jodan-seiken-zuki.

Fast: Step around right to face east, sochin-dachi, right kage-shuto-uke, then left jodan-seiken-zuki. Step around left to face west, sochin-dachi, left kage-shuto-uke, then shift to zenkutsu-dachi and otoshi-uke as right nukite-zuki, palm up. Right mae-geri to chin as hook two fingers to eyes. Step down passing through kiba-dachi to kage-dachi, circling arms clockwise to yama-teisho-zuki to right side.

Left yoko-geri, ki-katana, then step down passing through kiba-dachi to kage-dachi, right behind, circling arms counterclockwise to yama-teisho-zuki to left side. Bring right foot around in front of left and step right/left to kiba-dachi facing south as right mawashi-uke. Shift to right as left jodan-seiken-zuki, then return to kiba-dachi, left mawashi-uke, right tettussi-uchi to palm.

360 mikazuki-geri, coming down in kiba-dachi facing south shifting to left as circle arms counterclockwise; grab and pull down to the right as shift weight to right. Continue to circle arms up and around as pivot to long zenkutsu-dachi toward left (east) and yam-zuki, right high. Ki-katana as replace left with right and left yoko-geri to east. Step down and right yoko-geri to east.

Pivot to sagi-ashi-dachi facing north. Stomp-step right/left to zenkutsu-dachi as circle right/left, then right jodan-seiken-zuki. Left jodan-seiken-zuki as right mae-geri. Step back right to heisoku-dachi as left otoshi-uke and step back left to long zenkutsu-dachi, right nukite-zuki, palm up.

Pivot to south long zenkutsu-dachi and left haito-uchi to groin, right shuto-uchi or washide-uchi to groin. Right kentsui-uchi to left palm, then shift to fighting stance. POne-half forward sweep with right, then full backward sweep with left to end in kokutsu-dachi facing south, left age-shuto-uke. Shift to yoko-kiba-dachi as right chudan-seiken-zuki, left to cover.

Right gedan-barai as sagi-ashi-dachi. Stomp-step right/left to zenkutsu-dachi, circling both arms, then right jodan-seiken-zuki. Left jodan-seiken-zuki as right mae-geri. Step back right to heisoku-dachi as left otoshi-uke, then step back left to long zenkutsu-dachi, right nukite-zuki, palm up.

Pivot back to north and left haito-uchi groin, right shuto-uchi groin. Big mawashi-uke as spinning to heisoku-dachi facing south, otoshi-zuki. Mikazuki-geri to north, coming down sagi-ashi-dachi facing west, blocking left kage-shuto-uke from sagi-ashi-dachi. Step down right to kokutsu-dachi, left back to cover as right jodan-seiken-zuki. Shift back neko-ashi-dachi as circle right to block, circle again to grab and pull. Left teisho-zuki as sagi-ashi-dachi, then step forward right to zenkutsu-dachi, right jodan-seiken-zuki, left to elbow.

Lift feet left/right as ki-katana, step forward left to zenkutsu-dachi and left jodan-uke, right jodan-tate-zuki. Step around with right to zenkutsu-dachi facing east, right kage-shuto-uke. Lift left to sagi-ashi-dachi as drop right palm and circle it up clockwise facing you at throat level, left grabs hand and comes to washide behind it. Separate back to right kage-shuto, left extended to side washide.

Leave left hand extended as step down left across right and pivot to face west, right kage-shuto-uke. Immediately step back right to zenkutsu-dachi as right to cover, left gedan-soto-shuto-uke, chudan-haito-uchi. Left otoshi-uke as step up right to heisoku-dachi and back with left to long zenkutsu-dachi, right nukite-zuki, palm up.

Pivot to east, left haito-uchi groin, right shuto-uchi groin. Step up right to gyaku-neko-ashi-dachi, mae-tobi-geri to chin, landing on left, sagi-ashi-dachi. Step back right and morote-teisho-uchi. Pull him down, hands at waist level, and gedan-haisoku-geri, then ushiro-geri, leaving leg extended as pivot at hip and step back to neko-ashi-dachi (left forward) facing north as morote-haishu-uke and continue to hasami-zuki. Gedan-soto-shuto-uke, chudan-haito-uchi, nukite-zuki. Kiba-dachi, morote-gedan-barai.

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