Kiba-dachi, morote-gedan-barai. Step left to zenkutsu-dachi, morote-age-teisho-uke. Step right to zenkutsu-dachi as turn palms down, then washide flinging to sides. Step up heisoku-dachi, hasami-uchi to temples.

Step off left to sochin-dachi facing west, left kage-shuto-uke. Step right to sochin-dachi, right teisho-zuki. As shift back to neko-ashi-dachi, circle right with palm facing you to block, then circle again, grab and pull back a sagi-ashi-dachi and left teisho-zuki.

Step around right to in-line zenkutsu-dachi facing east, left otoshi-uke, right teisho-zuki. Pivot back to west, right haishu-uke. Stomp-step right/left, pull him in with right, left haito-uchi groin.

Slide-step as left age-teisho-uke. Step right to yoko-kiba-dachi, right chudan-seiken-zuki, left above head. Sagi-ashi-dachi, right gedan-barai. Step right/left tot zenkutsu-dachi, right mawashi-uke, left otoshi-uke, then left age-shuto-uke and right jodan-tate-zuki.

Backward 180 sweep with right foot. Leap high off right and fumikomi-geri shin, landing low, fingers touching ground. Jodan-mae-tobi-geri to crossed palms, landing on left, then step up left to heisoku-dachi facing south, right jodan-seiken-zuki to west, left above head.

Left haishu-uke past knee as stepping off to left sochin-dachi facing eat; right empi-uchi, uraken-uchi, then left kage-nuki, right jodan-seiken-zuki. Left jodan-seiken-zuki as right mae-geri. Step down zenkutsu-dachi and right hand. Step up left to neko-ashi-dachi and haito-uchi to groin a pull back with right. Left mawashi-uke, right otoshi-zuki and fumikomi-geri, coming down in heisoku-dachi facing north.

Left haishu-uke as 360 mikazuki-geri, landing on left, sagi-ashi-dachi. Circle both arms clockwise as step down right through kiba-dachi to kage-dachi, left behind and yama-teisho-zuki to east, right above.

Pivot on right to sagi-ashi-dachi facing south as left gedan-shuto-uke across body, coming to washide at left side, right to cover. Step down to yoko-kiba-dachi as right lifts and grabs hand. Left chudan-seiken-zuki, right above head.

Facing south in kiba-dachi, left mawashi-uke, then right tettussi-uchi to palm. Holding hands together, left mae-geri, right mae-tobi-geri, coming down zenkutsu-dachi, morote-teisho-zuki.

Backward 180 sweep with left leg. Come up yoko-kiba-dachi, right soto-uke, then hooking and pulling away with washide, with washide as pivot to long zenkutsu-dachi, right chudan-seiken-zuki. Right lifts and grabs, left chudan-seiken-zuki, right above head.

Step up right to neko-ashi-dachi, right gedan-shuto-uke, haishu-uke, then nukite-zuki. Step right with foot at 45 degrees, then right hand haishu-uke as gyaku-mikazuki-geri to east, coming down in zenkutsu-dachi facing west, right forward, double-blocking downward with fists and continuing to circle up to hasami-uchi to temples.

Morote-gedan-barai (left outside) as step up left to kage-dachi, crossing arms, then left age-uraken-uchi to groin, right fist drawn behind. Left gyaku-mawashi-geri, then right mae-tobi-geri. Left age-teisho-uke, grab, then step to yoko-kiba-dachi and right chudan-seiken-zuki.

Lift and grab with right toward east. Step kage-dachi with right behind left as left chudan-seiken-zuki to east. Pivot to face north as left lifts and grabs toward east, right chudan-seiken-zuki. Sagi-ashi-dachi, right gedan-barai. Stomp-step as right mawashi-uke, left gedan-shuto-uke, right jodan-seiken-zuki, then left jodan-seiken-zuki at the same time as right mae-geri. Step forward to zenkutsu-dachi, right jodan-seiken-zuki.

Shift back to neko-ashi-dachi as right grabs hand. Step forward left to neko-ashi-dachi, left haito-uchi groin, right open behind. Left mawashi-uke, right otoshi-zuki and fumikomi-geri, coming down to heisoku-dachi facing north.

Mikazuki-geri to south; land left, facing west; step back right zenkutsu-dachi, right jodan-seiken-zuki. Right lifts and grabs; shift to yoko-kiba-dachi, left chudan-seiken-zuki. Facing north in kiba-dachi, right/left/right gedan-barai, then stomp-step right/left to neko-ashi-dachi, right jodan-uke, left gedan-barai. Step back left to zenkutsu-dachi, right gedan-soto-shuto-uke, left chudan-haito-uchi, left nukite-zuki. Kiba-dachi, morote-gedan-barai.

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