Kiba Dachi, Morate Gedan Barai. Step up to right Neko-Ashi Dachi, morote-mawashi-shuto-uke, then morote-wahide-trap, right hand at throat level, left hand at waist level. Step back right to Yoko Kiba Dachi, kage-shuto-uke. Step in and around, right Jodan Seiken Zuki. Lift right heel as left kage-nuke. Right mae-geri, then left age-shuto-uke. Step down and pivot right to Yoko Kiba Dachi as left to cover and right Chudan Seiken Zuki.

Gyaku ZKD as L age-shuto-uke, R otoshi-uke to N. Arms continue moving as lean forward to long ZKD and L otoshi-uke, R nukite-zuki, palm up. Shift back NAD, L age-shuto-uke, R gedan-shuto-uke. R yoko-geri with hands holding bar, step back to YKD, L kage-shuto-uke.

Shift back to NAD, L gedan-shuto-uke. Lift L, sagi-ashi-dachi, slow/tension circle L hand up and around to trap on raised knee otoshi teisho. Stomp L/R to NAD (facing W) as R mawashi-zuki downward, L to elbow and remains there through next two moves. Raise R knee as and bring R hand to L ear. R fumekomi-geri to knee. Lift again, turning N, fumekomi-geri to foot and uraken-uchi to side of head.

Pivot to hasami-dachi, ki-katana. Step forward to YKD, morote-chudan-seiken-zuki. Step back hasami-dachi, kage-wake-uke. Circle hands CW, R first circling up from waist to jodan-uke. Circle hands CW, R first circling up from waist to jodan-uke, L to GB, then pivot to YKD, arms continuing to circle into L JU, R ura-zuki. Step back hasami-dachi as circle both arms CCW, L to protect, R age-uraken-uchi. Pivot back to N, ZKD, L JU, R ura-zuki.

Shift back to NAD, L gedan-shuto-uke. L mae-geri, R mikazuki-geri. Come low gyaku-ZKD, L age-shuto-uke and R washide-uchi to groin. Grab and twist. Shift forward to long ZKD, L otoshi-teisho-uke, R uraken-zuki.

Kneel with R behind L, just off ground (koshi-dachi), as R GB. Step up low to YKD, L otoshi-teisho-uke, R age-teisho-uchi to groin. Grab and twist. Step back R to YKD, L kage-shuto-uke. Step back L hasami-dachi with L age-ude-uke (above head), swing it down to GB, then pivot to YKD, R CSZ, L to cover.

Shift back to NAD, morote-mawashi-shuto-uke, morote-washide-trap. Turn body to L as raise R to SAD, big R mawashi-uke as L goes back to cover and body turns to R. Stomp-step (IN PLACE - NOT FORWARD) to NAD and L JSZ to NE, R at elbow. Reverse back to L side. L still at elbow, R jodan-uke (start S/T, then fast). Continue circling R ura-zuki. Pivot L then R to long ZKDs as R soto-uke, R washide-uchi toward my R (not too far with L still at elbow. Pivot to R in long ZKD, R to cover, L GB. Pivot back to L and koshi-dachi as L sweep up from waist to age-shuto-uke, R CSZ. KD, MGB, HD.

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