Go-Ippan Kumite Kata
(defending sides)

Please see the yellow II belt requirements for instruction on the attacking sides.

The Go-Ippan Kumite Kata set is the first set in Ten-Chi Kenpo which is learned for later incorporation as a two person form set. As a white belt the form is learned purely from the blocking viewpoint and does not use duel person interaction. No form is exchanged between individuals until the yellow belt level. All five blocking versions of this set are performed exactly the same with the exception of the first strike/punch. These strikes/punches are generally performed in the order of: Shuto Uchi, Tetsui Uchi, Hariken Zuki, Kumade Uchi, and Tate Zuki. Please go back to the yellow I belt requirement page for more information on these strikes/punches.

Each form begins from hachichi dachi and the first movement is a crescent step back with the right leg into zenkutso dachi while blocking age uke over the left leg.

Following is a mai gari with the right leg, which ends by stepping foreward into a zenkutso dachi with the right leg forward and attacking with the one special attack (Shuto Uchi, Tetsui Uchi, Hariken Zuki, Kumade Uchi, or Tate Zuki) from the right.

This is immediately followed by a left, then a right chudan seiken zuki. The form ends by cresent stepping back with the right leg again into zenkutso dachi and blocking gedan barai over the left leg.

Hachichi Dachi
Step back right to Zenkutso Dachi, block Age Uke left
Kick Mai Gari right, step forward and use unique strike right
Chudan Seiken Zuki left, then right
Step back right to Zenkutso Dachi, block Gedan Barai left

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