Goshin #12: Nakadate-Ken Zuki, Sakui-Te Attacker begins with Jodan Seiken Zuki. Block left Age Uke and come to Sagi Ashi Dachi right. Step forward right to narrow Zenkutso Dachi beside the opponent and strike Nakadate Ken Zuki to the arm pit. Bring the right foot across the front to Hasami Dachi, twist left to Kiba Dachi facing the opponent and strike left Yoko Empi Zuki. With an Age Uke motion left, push the opponent's right hand up and begin pushing it back with a Teisho motion to gain kazushi. At the point of kazushi, come down with the left hand and grab behind the right knee and lift to cause the fall. As the opponent falls, open the legs, follow them down, and strike nukite zuki to the groin.

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