Goshin #17: Renzoku-Waza Attacker begins with Jodan Seiken Zuki. Block with a wide arc Jodan Uke and step forward right to Sochin Dachi. Step up left to Hachichi Dachi and Haitu Uchi left to the lower ribs in front. Pivot right to place yourself behind the opponent, strike Shuto Uchi right to the Kidney. Kick right Mae Geri to the back of the right knee (do this very slowly with training partners so as not to damage the knee!), and control their fall back onto your lower body, high thigh area (careful not to have them land on your knee). Move their head aside left and strike right Otoshi Empi Zuki, then groin reap. Step back with the reap and let them fall straight down. Step forward right and Fumakomi Geri to the groin as you step all the way across. Turn and face the opponent.

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