Goshin #2: Otoshi Kata, Kote Gote, Osoto Geri Starting from Hachichi Dachi. Step left to Kiba Dachi and block Teisho Uke with the left hand. Grab the opponent's fist, and lock Kode Gote while stepping forward past the opponent's body with the left leg and then fitting the right tendon in with the same spot on their foot. Obtain Kazushi with the lock while pushing on the point that connects the shoulder to the torso of their body. Osoto Geri the right leg and keep hold of their right hand. Once the opponent is on the ground, step with the right foot to the left around their head. Bring the left foot around and pivot to Hachichi Dachi. Clamp their arm inbetween the knees and lock the wrist by pressing straight down and twisting the wrist.

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