Goshin #8: Hitsui Geri, Kosoto Geri Attacker begins with Jodan Seiken Zuki. Step straight back with the right foot to Neko-Ashi Dachi, block Mawashi Uke to the left. Grab the attacker's punching arm with the left hand, pivot the right foot out, and kick left Yoko Geri to the solar plexus or short ribs. Step forward close to the opponent and Empi Uchi to the short ribs followed by Shuto Uchi to the right collar bone. Grip the back of the neck and pull down as attacking Hitsui Geri right to the solar plexus. Without dropping the leg continue to bring the head down as you Ushiro Age Geri (back kick with the outside of the foot, rising up to meet the face). If the opponent is upright enough bring the left hand across their chest for kazushi backwards. Otherwise, pull back on the gi/hair/shoulder as available for kazushi backwards and Kosoto Geri. Grab the opponent's arm as they fall and Fumakomi Geri left.

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