Juji-Te Nage Crossing Hands Throw:

This throw is done from katate tori ryote, kata tori ryote, and gyaku katate tori ryote. In all three cases, the concept is to get the opponent's arms crossed where one is straight across their body and the other (outside) is bent upwards keeping the other arm locked to their body.

Variations to the setup:
Using the right hand as an example, to clear from katate tori ryote, move the right hand under the left. Bring the left back to cover and angle the right, bringing it back to the outside and then into the opponent's body. With an available clear, gain control of the other hand and bring the opponent's free hand up to their face.

From kata tori ryote grabbing the lapels, a similar motion is employed by bringing the right arm over the opponent's left, then between the two and under their right. Bend the right arm and bring it back to the outside to gain the inside arm straight against the opponent's body. Use your other free hand to clear the second grabbing hand and bring it up across the other arm to their face.

From ushiro katate tori, step back slightly and down while spreading your arms. Turn out to the left and raise your right arm over your head. This motion, when completed to where you are facing the opponent, should automatically pull their right arm across their body. The left arm needs to be cleared, gaining control of their left arm and bring their hand up to their face.

The throw:
From this position, the throw is executed by pulling their extended arm out and down while putting a kote gode on their wrist nearest their face for backwards kazushi. Continue both of these actions, but release at the point of the opponent falling unless, in a real confrontation, you were intending to break their arm.

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