Kiba Dachi

Horse Stance:
This is the beginning stance of most static forms and both of the white belt katas. From Heisoku Dachi, weight is transferred to the right leg. The left foot raises slightly with the toes pointed up and the heel lifted off the ground. The left leg then slides on the ball of the foot, or just off of the ground ball closest to the ground, until the stance is wide enough to just cause a slight stretching discomfort. Both feet should be pointed straight foreward and the knees should be bent just to the point where they cover the feet. The shoulders should be squared and the body sunken into the hips. Most of the time this brings you into a position preparing for some action and is done with Marate Gedan Barai (double low parry). The Marate Gedan Barai is starts by bringing both hands up and extended with the thumbs tucked in and the right hand crossing the left when the heel of the foot is lifted off of the ground. As the left foot slides left, the hands form fists and come over each of the respective knees with the elbows slightly bent.

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