Koshi Nage Hip throw:

Not to be confused with Tai Otoshi Nage! Both that throw and this start off the same way, with both people grabbing right kata tori to the lapel and left kata tori to the elbow. The person throwing releases right and grabs under the arm of the the opponent being thrown. Step in with the right foot, centered on but just in front of the person's body. Rotate the left foot around to where you are standing hachichi dachi, pulling the opponent's right arm so that their weight is along your back and onto your feet (do NOT hold their weight on your back). Bend the knees and pull further to gather more of their weight then lift and turn on your hip so that the person being thrown rolls off the side of your body and somewhat forward. If done correctly the person should land on their back or left side. Pull back slightly with a small amount at the point of falling to keep the person positioned appropriately and tightly away from your body and feet.

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