Kote Gote / Kote Nage Wrist Lock, Turns Into Throw:

There are two ways to do this. The first is with Uke grabbing Gyaku Katate Tori. Grab the Uke's hand and step back with the leg of the hand that is grabbed. Pressing the thumb just under the forfinger of the grabbing hand, peel the hand off. Keep control of the hand as you step back up to hachichi dachi towards the opponent, rolling their hand and arm in towards their body, while keeping the arm low and just outside of their body. The second version is with Uke grabbing Katate Tori. Do not step back. Turn the hand being grabbed over with the palm up. With the 2nd hand, place the thumb just under the pinky finger and pull the other side of the hand just under the thumb. Keep control of the Uke's hand as you pull the thumb side of the hand towards you with your first hand and push the pinky side of the hand away from you with your 2nd hand. In either of these, the throw comes from stepping forward after locking. Once the center of your body passes beyond the center of the Uke, kazushi is usually attained at which point only slight pressure causes the individual to fall.

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