Mawashi Geri

Roundhouse Kick:
This kick starts from either Zenkutso Dachi or Sochin Dachi. As with Mae Geri, the leading leg rotates 45 degrees out and the trailing leg comes up to Sagi-Ashi Dachi while shifting the body weight forward to the front leg. The hanging leg then rotates up sideways with the toes pointed back. Then while rotating on the ball of the foot so that the leg on the ground is pointed approximately 90 degrees from forward, kick sideways targeting the ribs or side of the leg or knee. Rotate back on the ball of the foot to the 45 degree position while returning the kicking leg to Sagi-Ashi Dachi. Then replace the foot to the original Zenkutso or Sochin Dachi and rotate the leading leg on the heel back to the forward position.

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