Nihon Kumite Kata

Defending side

The defending side starts from hachichi dachi by extending the left arm and shifting weight to the right leg. Then bring the left leg in and back to a yoko kiba dachi, right soto uke. Shift in on opponent strike yoko shuto uchi (jodan). Shift in again, strike yoko chudan empi zuki (support with left hand, attack ribs). Shift in again, strike yoko gedan tetsui uchi to the groin. Step back right to neko-ashi dachi, left leg forward, and mawashe uke (start right hand). With an apponent the defending side takes a sweep and will return to stance from a non defined position.

Attacking side

From hachichi dachi, step in right to zenkutso dachi, punch Jodan Sieken Zuki right. Shift weight back to sochin dachi and right haitu uke. Shift back to neko-ashi dachi and right atoshi teisho uke. Hold teisho uke and block left tate ude uke. Sieze opponent's hand with left hand, attack shoulder shuto with right. Step in and lock opponents arm behind their back while pulling the right hand back to cover forcing their movement to your right. Sweet leg while drawing opponent for loss of balance. Attacking side wins!

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