Okuri Gote Winding Lock:

Attacker begins by grabbing katate tori. Simultaneously rotate the grabbed arm in and up so that the soft under arms of both attacker and defender are facing up, and grab the attackers wrist (now on bottom) with the other free hand. Use this grip to force the opponent's elbow back into their body, aiming for the short ribs (this should loosen the grip). With the free hand, apply Kote Gote on the wrist by peeling it off to the inside. This should also turn the opponent naturally away from you; if it does not, apply more pressure in a circle across the width of the wrist and less down across it. Once the opponent is facing away from you, keep the arm in a large arc (keeping musculature tight) and pull down at which point the opponent will follow the motion down. Keep the pressure on the Kote Gote and place the wrist on the floor (keeping the hand pointed out away from the body often helps keep tension), as you push down on the elbow to apply the final controlling pressure.

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