Soto Make, Uchi Yori

(Freestyle #4 and #5)
There are two versions of this clear. The second version is Mawashi Nuke. Both versions begin with the attacker grabbing katate tori ryote.

The first version (SM UY) should be quite clear given the name. See the descriptions for each clear separately and then this particular set uses both clears at the same time.

The second version (Mawashi) is done much like a Mawashi Uke. The ending positions are still those of Soto Make, Uchi Yori Nuke but instead of doing them with each arm individually, the Mawashi Nuke allows the defender to cross the attacker's hands in the process of clearing them. Since Mawashi Uke, Soto Make Nuke, and Uchi Yori Nuke should all be known at this time, no further explanation is possible.

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