Tai Otoshi Nage Body dropping throw (aka Failed Hip Toss):

Assuming this is only done on the right side, this move is practiced with both participants grabbing right kata tori to the lapel and left kata tori to the elbow. The person throwing then crosses their right leg over the opponents right, releases their grip on the right lapel to grab the shoulder or upper arm from underneath, and moves their left leg back to a tight fit. If done correctly, the middle of the buttocks should be directly over the leg of the person being thrown and there should be no space between the back of the person throwing and the stomach of the person being thrown.

From this fit, sink down and pull forward on the right arm to put the weight of the person being thrown on the structure of your body (note it is important not to bend your back and place their weight all on your back as this may cause injury!). The person being thrown should step out to the right in an attempt to stabalize (simulated if not needed for the purposes of the throw), at which point you should step just across their leg crossing near the ankle, and pull the arm forward as you sink and bring the person down. Finishing position should be with the thrown person on their left side or back.

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