Udae Osae Gote Outside Forearm Lock:

Initially this lock is learned by the Uke grabbing Katate Tori. Grab gyaku hand of the Uke, and step back with the same leg of the hand that is being grabbed. Keeping the arm of the Uke low, place the thumb of the 2nd hand on the metacarple of the opponents hand and use the fingers of the same hand to pull the far side of the opponent's hand off. While keeping control of the hand, role the arm over and to the opposite side of your own body. The first hand can be in various positions depending on your opponent. It may either lock the elbow of the Uke by pressing shuto high on the arm and dragging in toward the elbow, or the arm may be drapped over the elbow, locking the entire arm and helping the 2nd arm lock the wrist of the Uke. The second hand pushes down on the top of the Uke's hand towards the abdominal (under, soft) side of the arm.

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