TCK Brown III Belt Prerequisites

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NOTE: The links below are NOT intended as a substitute for proper instruction but rather as a resource for currently active students.


Ushiro Chudan Tori
Middle Area Grab From Behind
Ushiro Jodan Tori
High Area Grab From Behind

Note: See previous belt descriptions for details on grabs. All of these grabs are to the appropriate area with the grabber stationed behind the person being grabbed.


Locks and Throws

Age Empi Gote
Rising Elbow Lock
Empi Make Gote
Wrapping Elbow Lock
Juji-Te Nage
Crossing Hands Throw (3 variations)


Goshin #13: Morate Soto, Tai Otoshi

Goshin #14: Kage Shuto Uke, Heisoku Geri, Kaiten Nage

Goshin #15: Morate Soto, Kubi Nage (Neck Throw)

Forms and Katas

Tuan Ta
Short Strike or Close Punching (Chinese)
Shao Lin Chuan
Shao Lin Fist (Chinese)
As Kumite, first half
Shushi No Kun Dai
First Bo Form of Master Shushi (Japanese)
Tai Chi
First 100 postures