TCK Shodan Prerequisites

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NOTE: The links below are NOT intended as a substitute for proper instruction but rather as a resource for currently active students.


Ushiro Kibi Shimi
Reverse Knuckle Strangle


Locks and Throws

Kokyu Nage
Spirit Throw


Goshin #16: Hasami-Waza, Kosoto Geri

Goshin #17: Renzoku-Waza

Goshin #18: Otoshi-Waza

Forms and Katas

Keiho Yondan
Fourth Kata (Japanese)
Moi Fa
Northern Plum Flower (Chinese)
Shao Lin Chuan
Shao Lin Fist (Chinese)
As Kumite, all
Shushi No Kun Sho
Second Bo Form of Master Shushi (Japanese)
Tai Chi
All 150 postures