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USKA California State Championships 2010
(Photo contributed by Jaime Godoy)

Back Row (Left to Right): Katelyn Colgrove, Stevenson Nguyen, Jaime Godoy, Harrison Nguyen, Sara Colgrove
Front Row (Left to Right): Adrian Ochoa, Brittany Smith,

Carl Brooks 3rd Dan Promotion and Elliott Edwards Remembrance Ceremony
Medway Massachusetts January 30 2010
(Photos by Miranda Greenhalgh)

Norman's 10th Dan Celebration, Ontario California February 2008

To read the judan presentation speech, click here

From our celebration of Norman's 50 years in martial arts

Doing tai chi, L-R: Robert Zailo, Ben Warner, Carlos Mendoza, Jaime Godoy, Norman.
Highland CA, March 3, 2007

Elliott Edwards and Norman Armstrong at the Professor Nick Cerio Legacy Memorial dinner
Marlborough MA, January 29, 2005

Professor Nick Cerio Legacy Memorial dinner, Marlborough MA, January 29, 2005
L-R Nancy Cerio, Christine-Bannon Rodriquez, Don Rodriquez, Norman Armstrong

L-R Josh Fink, Elliott Edwards, Norman Armstrong, Linda Resner, Josh White
Northern California, Summer 2003

Linda Resner and Jasmin Catoe-Ganahl
Northern California, Summer 2003

Medway dojo circa 2000. L-R Linda Resner, Norman Armstrong, Elliott Edwards, Carl Brooks, Josh Fink

Boston dojo circa 1999
Dave Heinemann (Nidan)

Norman Armstrong and Michelle Cote 2005

Some of Master Liang's Tai Chi students, 20+ years later
Left to right: Alan Shapiro, Norman Armstrong, Paul Gallagher.

Alan Shapiro (L) & Paul Gallagher Ta Lu circa 1998

L-R: Professor Wally Jay (founder of Small Circle Jujitsu), Elliott Edwards, Norman Armstrong,
Professor Remy Presas (deceased; founder of Modern Arnis). Seminar October 1996

Seminar with Master T. T. Liang (seated at right). Elliott Edwards, back row third from left

Carl Brooks seconds before George Dillman knocked him out in a pressure point seminar, late 1990's

Wesley Major and Brigitte Inglis practicing a traditional bo form at the Boston dojo

4 future Dans at Ikkyu, Boston dojo. L-R Dave Heinemann, Josh White, Kali Geddes, Josh Fink

Elliott Edwards and Norman Armstrong

Ontario, Ca 1992 or '93
L-R Ben Warner, Elliott Edwards, Robert Zailo, Ralph Ward, James Ochoa, Richard Granberry
Seated in front Norman Armstrong, Christian Pagtakhan

Harvard University Ten Chi Kenpo circa 1987
Left to right: Elliott Edwards, Richard Granberry (Head Instructor), David Powell, David Lee

Harvard University Ten Chi Kenpo 1991 (Photo courtesy of Mike Biorn)
Back Row left to right: Richard Granberry (Head Instructor), ?, Elliott Edwards, Mike Biorn, Zach Leber, Stephen McGrath
Front Row: "Left might be Tony and second from left might be Rod"

Harvard University Ten Chi Kenpo 1991 (Photo courtesy of Mike Biorn)
Left to right: Mike Biorn, Rod?, Stephen McGraph, Tony?, Zach Leber

Provincetown dojo, early 1981. Kneeling: Larry Luster and Gary Rooney

Photos from Jean Theodat's album:

Kneeling left to right: Norman Armstrong and Douglas Price

Jean Theodat kneeling, left standing ??? middle ??? far right Richard Granberry
circa 1972-73

Jean Theodat doing a flying side kick

Top: Jean Theodat doing a side kick
Bottom: Jean Theodat doing Tae Kwon Do

Jean Theodat doing a side kick

Jean Theodat

Many photos from the Boulder dojo (thanks to Vince Biondolillo):

Boulder dojo with visitors Elliott Edwards (kneeling 3rd from left) and Josh Fink

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