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Welcome to the Ten-Chi Kenpo website.

Ten-Chi Kenpo is a system of self-defense founded by Master Norman Armstrong. It combines elements of several martial arts to create a complete self-defense system.

Ten-Chi translates into "Heaven and Earth," representing the dual nature of everything in existence i.e. the philosophy of yin and yang. Kenpo, in turn, translates into “Fist way or law.” Thus, Ten-Chi Kenpo is “The law of the heaven and earth fist.”

Ten-Chi Kenpo unites the complementary opposites of heaven and earth; left and right; upper and lower; self and other; hard and soft; and instructor and student; bringing an attitude of peace and harmony into day-to-day living.

Norman Armstrong
Master Norman Armstrong

We focus on providing a safe, harmonious training environment for women and men of all ages and ability levels. Self-defense skills and hard workouts are key aspects of our training; the main focus is on training together as a way to build community. This is the way the martial arts were originally taught, and we seek to continue in that tradition.

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